On the Frontlines: Doing Business in China

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James Fallows, Editorial Supervisor and Co-Host, with analysis by Joe Nocera of The New York Times
Plus over 150 candid interviews.

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will shift the paradigm in the way America looks at China. While obviously meant for experienced businesspeople, anyone interested in Chinese culture will learn from it. Essential for students of business, history and culture. ”
- Prof. Ronald M. Schramm, Columbia University Graduate School of Business
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On the Frontlines: Doing Business in China

The China Tooklit

The CD-ROM contains a Virtual Anthology of China Business Books and articles from many authors, including our own James Fallows
Technomic Asia

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The China Toolkit

This CD-ROM has business information that can only be obtained by teams of trained people working for many months. Some of it sells separately for $149. It’s all included in our package; in fact, you don’t have to watch our programs before benefitting from this unique compilation of material.

Most westerners can’t imagine how difficult it is to obtain accurate, up-to-date business information on China. Agencies in China are fairly secretive, even on matters that would cause their western counterparts to boast. Remember, this is a nation that does not publish an accurate census and where the weather report is a military-secret. (The Chinese Internet will often report sunny skies even as it’s raining.)

The China Business Province Almanac displays insight into what each province offers, along with macro-economic data, future trends, infrastructure issues and a strategic geographic segmentation of China’s vast landscape. It is the best example of information that can only be gathered by a team of experts. A team at Technomic Asia spent many months preparing this, judging which information is both relevant and accurate.

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The China Readiness Assessment is where many people head after viewing our DVDs. It’s the logical next step to understanding your next step. Should you market in China? Just find a distributor? Manufacture? Source? Or stay out of China? This reveals the specific answer that’s right for you.

Why China's Rise is Good for UsArticles includes work from our hosts and many others. James Fallows offers some of his most acclaimed work from The Atlantic, including the much-discussed cover story, “Why China’s Rise Is Good For Us.” Emily Chang includes an upcoming article on the worldwide Chinese community. Other articles from business authors range from due diligence in China to such specialized areas as sourcing, acquisitions and marketing.

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The Virtual Anthology of China Business Books is composed of more than a dozen books published in recent years. The authors allowed us to select precise chapters, creating a true anthology of the best business literature.

The Virtual Anthology of China Business Books >> Download the Table of Contents

Our Reports section features “Hope and Fear,” a comprehensive study of American and Chinese attitudes toward each other, created by the Committee of 100. Another key contributor is the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai (AmCham), which is providing its highly acclaimed White Paper. It provides a current and comprehensive picture of the American business community in China.

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Podcasts showcases the best work of Technomic Asia co-founder Kent Kedl. Years of nurturing both a family and a business in Shanghai have given him insights into situations unique to China. You can profit from his experience. These audio files will play through your computer’s mp3 player.

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In the west, we measure a CD-ROM such as this by the quantity of information it provides. While there is plenty of content here, people who know China will appreciate the quality of the information; it is complete, organized, and above all, accurate.