On the Frontlines: Doing Business in China

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James Fallows, Editorial Supervisor and Co-Host, with analysis by Joe Nocera of The New York Times
Plus over 150 candid interviews.

Doing Business in China - Box Set

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If one picture is worth a thousand words, ON THE FRONTLINES: DOING BUSINESS IN CHINA is priceless. The access they achieve is truly remarkable. Anyone at all interested in China will find ON THE FRONTLINES well worth the investment.”
- Lee Shoulders, Dir. Of Archive Films, Getty Images
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On the Frontlines: Doing Business in China

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In 2009, the interdependence of the American and Chinese economies is obvious. The China-savvy already know they need the information on these disks (see Reviews). Everyone else will find the DVDs immediately useful...and enjoyable to watch. That’s why we’re providing these previews.

The full set is created from over 800-hours of high-definition video and over 200 candid interviews, distilled into five DVDs and an incredible CD-ROM with everything from hard business data on China’s provinces to podcasts on China’s business culture. Order yours today.

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